Only through a dedicated client engagement process, can we identify your requirements, expectations and goals.

Who we work with

There are many situations where you as an entrepreneur or a small business owner require the need to grasp the attention of your target market, to meet several challenges in your highly competitive environment. It does not matter where you are in Australia; AX Designs is the most suitable choice for you if:


  • You are an entrepreneur, pitching to investors and require to audaciously brand products or services towards the consumer, to achieve market dominance
  • You have a successful business that has outgrown its branding and it strategically makes sense to revitalise, evolve or refurbish existing branding
  • You are a startup and need to create your identity to capture attention and communicate your vision
  • You have been unable to find a graphic designer who not only over-delivers but can establish and maintain transparent and responsive communication with you
  • You are not satisfied with the quality, relevance, or detail being produced by your current designer
  • You want the value of your branding solutions to exceed your investment
  • You are pursuing business exit and succession activities and re-branding will increase the demand for your sale

What to expect with AX Designs

AX Designs aims to provide a positive experience for clients through a streamlined process, from start to finish. This carefully structured client engagement process is designed to create an atmosphere where the client does not feel pressured for any reason at any time.

It also allows the client to express their concerns, communicate their objectives, request a change, elaborate on their business, industry, and target market. This process is broken down into 6 distinctive phases, that helps remove any confusion while fostering communication and transparency.

This is also essential on the rare occasion that the client may not be 100% satisfied with the review, and we can easily go back to the creative phase to ensure a positive outcome is reached.

Only through a dedicated client engagement process, can we identify your requirements, expectations, goals, industry, and market. From this point, we can tailor a package that could include any of the following:

Logo Designs

that captures your target market, connects with them and is hard
to forget.


with fonts that not only set the tone of your brand but aligns with your image and message.

Colour Palettes

tailored to appeal to your audience, to stimulate perception, meaning, emotion and the senses.

Strategic Analysis

and collation of the intricate supporting elements within your branding, that are specific to your targeting requirements.

Style Guide

to create parameters surrounding graphics, colours, styling, and language, to maintain brand continuity.

Continual Development

of marketing, stationery and promotional collateral that is consistent across all print and digital platforms.

The Process

1. Consultation

This process involves either a face-to-face or phone consult, to gain an understanding of your needs.

This is also a good time to not only listen to your concerns, requirements, or objectives but to also ask the necessary questions to begin the next phase.

2. Quotation

From all the information obtained during the initial consult, I will compile and send an itemised and transparent quotation that will be accompanied with the contract for your project.

This enables you to see everything that is involved, the contents of the agreement, and the cost. From this phase, you are welcome to ask any questions for further clarification, proceed, or even choose not to go ahead if you wish.

Please note that a 25% deposit is required, before the commencement of the next phase.

3. Research

This phase involves a compilation of specific questions that will be sent to you, to gather a detailed understanding of not only your business but your strategic direction, target market, industry, and your experience.

Concurrently, I will be thoroughly examining your market, your competition and your industry, as well as historical and forecasted change.

4. Creative
This is a critical phase of the process where the ingredients transform into the prototype of your final product! This essentially means you have time to concentrate on other important things, while I brainstorm and develop various solutions, in preparation for your feedback.

This phase transitions to the review phase once the product has been submitted to you, for your evaluation.


5. Review

The review phase is triggered once I send you the prototype. This will be accompanied by a short rationale to further support the reasons behind the design. This is your opportunity to critically analyse the design and submit any changes you feel necessary.

Depending on the package we agreed to proceed with, you may have up to five review opportunities to take advantage of.

This phase could see a temporary move back to the creative phase, for any remediation as necessary and I will not proceed to the final phase until you are happy with the design, or the review commitments have been met.


6. Completion

Once you are satisfied with the design, a final invoice will be sent to you. Once the invoice is paid in full, I can then send you high resolution and/or editable files and the final product is yours!

You are then able to fully implement your very own professional branding solutions as part of your strategic plan, to be highly competitive in your market! If at any time, you want to revisit your branding, this process is quite easy to kick off again, as I will have a lot of the required data from our previous engagement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I own the full rights to my design?

Yes! – Upon final payments all rights for re-use and modification are given to the clients. The designer however reserves the right to use your content for promotional purposes. (eg. Portfolio and Social Media updates)

Can you provide it in a Word Doc?

Unfortunately, the programs I use aren’t compatible with basic desktop publishing tools such as Word.

Generally the file formats I can provide are as follows:
Adobe: .pdf  .ai  .indd  .psd
Bitmap:  .jpg  .png.  .tiff
Vector:  .eps  .svg

It should only take 5 minutes!

I often get asked why the work is billed hourly for a 5 minute job. Upon requesting for minor changes, the process is the same for all jobs (big and small) Quotes, Invoices and Receipts must be generated. Accounts must be updated and files changed, checked, converted and saved and sent.

Generally clients will put together a list of changes to get the most out of their budget,  as once the fixed admin times are accounted for, the rest can be spent on your creatives.

Do you require a deposit?

We require a 50% upfront payment on the total estimated design costs.

100% upfront will be required for any printing or hosting/domain purchases which will be invoiced separately.

Adam McKayAbout AX Designs

Discovering digital art in high school, I had found myself relentlessly drawn to the subject and all that it entails. I felt extremely fortunate to not only enjoy it, but to also be good at it. So, I decided to pull the pin on my old, dull, dead-end job to study and pursue a career in digital art and graphic design. This was one of the best decisions I have ever made and my only regret, is not starting sooner!

Now, as a multi-disciplined graphic artist with nearly a decade of experience across the digital and print production, business development, branding, logo, and web design domains, it only made sense for me to establish AX Designs. Previously working with several digital media agencies, I have transitioned and frequently employ a multitude of knowledge, skills, and creativity towards each project. Peripherally, this also allows to me continually develop AX Designs and the capabilities this graphic design service brings to small businesses and entrepreneurs.

The volume of information an individual can absorb when they see the tone, colours, shapes, icons, fonts, and messaging from branding is nothing short of astounding. My passion to captivate an audience, in this case, my client’s target market, intrinsically motivates me to ensure that each project is fine-tuned for the observer. Finally, yet crucially, the satisfaction of the entrepreneur or business owner that I am producing this work for, is unequivocally the priority of my services.


Why AX Designs?

During your research, you may have stumbled onto a plethora of freelancing or crowdsourcing sites. Engaging with these entities is highly likely to lead towards disappointment and little (or no) value for your money. There are also high chances of scams, poor market knowledge, slow or no communication, and the use of unlicensed or out of date software.

Only with AX Designs will you:

  • Deal directly with the owner and designer as one, with experience and understanding of the current Australian business climate.
  • Support an Australian owned and operated small business, with a genuine desire to help you achieve branding success.
  • Engage with a small business based in Cairns, Queensland, that has extensive experience in helping local businesses and entrepreneurs create and disseminate digital and print marketing.
  • Know that instead of paying for time towards an outcome, you are paying for the value the project has to you or your business.
  • Be able to discuss and implement a fully tailored package; one size certainly does not fit all when it comes to your specific design requirements, budget, and objectives.
  • Be able to trust that you will receive high-quality results, that are on time, every time.
  • Observe high-level confidentiality, respect, consideration, and attention to detail towards you, your industry, and your requirements.
  • Expect services to be provided through class-leading and fully licenced software, by a qualified and highly experienced graphic designer.

Request a quote

Are you ready to go, but just need to know the price? Are you just unsure about your branding requirements, or have any general questions? Request a quote and I will get in touch with you regarding a consult and personalised quote, or a response to any of your queries.